Barismo courses



Will help to enable you to take your dreams and simultaneously get started as Barista.


With this course you get:

A complete interactive workshop where you can learn from the best Baristas theoretical and practical foundation for the successful venture of your business.

In addition you will learn among other things the market trends in coffee, starting with a modern and current vision in your cafeteria.

Take advantage and ask our certified instructors advice and experience to make your cafe a successful business.

What will I learn?

  • History of Coffee
  • Coffee botany
  • Coffee in Ecuador
  • Coffee varieties in the world
  • Major production sites
  • parts, and preventive maintenance of espresso machine
  • Coffee grinders, types, Use and Calibration
  • Memorizing perfect dose, the barista
  • Work tools
  • Workspace management
  • The first espresso, espresso practices
  • Laboratory practical parts of an espresso
  • Development of different types of espressos
  • Cata de espresso, introduction to wine tasting coffee
  • Roasting coffee, differentiation flavors, time, temperatures, practice of a medium roast
  • Alternative methods of American coffee
  • Infusions Coffee.
  • Among others.

Who teaches the Workshop?

The workshop is taught by:

Highly qualified instructors in everything related to the world of coffee.

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