Grupo Fontaine

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Fontaine S.A. It is exclusive importer equipment, products and concepts of the most important companies in the world related to the Coffee Experience; the Café de Fontaine S.A Solutions division. is the answer to all equipment needs, supplies, concepts and experiences related to coffee; from selling a coffee machine for an office, salon or restaurant to consulting in the development of logos, concepts, training, manufacturing, mounting a cafeteria.

Machines and equipment we represent for hotels, coffee shops, Restaurants are synonymous with quality, Durability and Performance, which they are attributes that are achieved in a bar café or cafeteria to select the best equipment for your business.

The Fontaine Group I formed a team working hour after hour, day to day, every year, earning him the space to millimeter by millimeter competition we have fun working and building a better world, We hope you prosperous than the chance in fifty years our children to be part of this organization of which we are proud to be part.

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