The Group is made up Fontaine Fontaine S.A. company founded ago 25 Norbert years Fontaine, who traveled from Belgium to America, never returning to Europe after being lured by the beauty and opportunities for our continent. Mr. Fontaine was raised in a culture of Humility, Service, Human values ​​and some of them are the operating principles of all companies and brands of the Group owns. Norbert Fontaine died 10 March of the year 2000.

The group Fontaine S.A.

Chantal Fontaine, daughter of Mr.. Fontaine born 11 October 1959 in Guayaquil, Ecuador majored in Photography in Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil and Cuba and Education values ​​after 9 consecutive years in intensive courses in India. Along With 28 years of practice records his experience and his label perennially in Ecuador, through its recognized brand, that bears his name, their brand being recognized as the most prestigious related to Photography and Art in Ecuador and one of the most recognized in Artistic Photography in the world.

Chantal Fontaine directs the principal Photographic study of Ecuador with everything you imagine you can experience through art, also runs a production company specializing in different branches Videos, a modeling agency, supplementary schools for teenagers, among many other areas in which it operates.

Chantal Fontaine is also the developer of our Latin American Technological Institute of Artistic Expressions (L.E.X.A.) with a team of top-notch faculty; transmit academic excellence with high-end facilities fulfilling goals is part of its mission. Being creative human beings committed to serving with values ​​in racing success is part of the vision all with one goal summed up in two words: Human Excellence.

In search of a fair price, for thousands of producers with the potential to produce a specialty coffee in the tropics of the world, coffee Escoffee born S.A. whose main premise, produce the best quality coffee in the world, in harmony with our environment.

Carefully harvested more than 1.200 meters, our coffee comes from our steep mountains, under the soft shade of native trees, in which hundreds of species of birds. Our methods of postharvest preserve it natural habitat and diversity of our flora and fauna.

Escoffee sells only the finest Arabica SHB (Strictly Hard), sun dried and taken carefully into the hands of our expert roasters that make it comparable to any other coffee, highlighting its bold, rich flavor, crisp acidity, Special body and balanced flavors, between floral and light chocolate flavor, surprisingly good, why our coffee is recognized internationally.

Contributing in a positive way in all communities and the environment with which we are related. Our group directs Redevahu Foundation whose main objective is to rescue and develop Human Values ​​in the communities where we interact.

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