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Company dedicated to providing food security analysis solutions mycotoxins in food being the best ally of the global agribusiness.

VICAM has access to the latest research, industry experience and regulatory information required, to design solutions that maximize the safety and quality of food at each stage of the global food supply chain.


Quantitative method for detecting mycotoxins. complete kit for determining the most important mycotoxins in food and livestock such as: total aflatoxins, aflatoxin M1, aflatoxin B1, Ochratoxina A, Fumonisina, Zeralenona, T2 and DON.

The applied technology is the extraction of the mycotoxin conlavados through immunoaffinity columns that allow aislamientocompleto mycotoxin present and direct reading on a computer fluorometry.


• Quick. Weather applied inthe test 10 – 15 minutes (excluding preparation extraction muestray).
• High sensitivity wide range deteccióny.
• Simple. No skill required especialpara perform the test.
• Insurance. Materialestóxicos requires less than for conventional methods.
• Convenient. the mismoextracto and instrumentation used for the analysis of other mycotoxins.

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